Jan. 22, 2017

Sometimes, It's just supposed to happen (and sometimes, It's not)

So here we were, all trained and ready to Sail. Robert and I began to read a lot....books, blogs, magazines, anywhere we could absorb information aboout Sailboats and Sailing.

Robert began sending me pictures of boats every day, which I began summarily rejecting for one reason or another, too small, too big, too expensive, wrong color, wrong city, not enough this, too much that. He sent me a listing in Maryland, and one in the D/R....lots of boats here in Florida, I said. ..why spend the budget traveling?

A few we actually had an interest in, we made contact, and were met with surprising indifference by the sellers we contacted .... maybe they were not actually committed to sell the vessels, as various inquiries went unanswered ....

But, we were not in a hurry, and actually expected to look at dozens of boats, maybe more, before finding "the one"...if we didn't get an answer, or nail down an appointment, well, that wasn't the boat for us....

But fate had another idea.....entirely.

I do believe in signs. There's a lot of energy moving around out there. If you watch for signs and pay attention, your path will unfold in front of you. It's as important to look for the signs NOT to do something as it is to look for signs that you are on the right path. ..but it's more fun when the signs point straight ahead!

So, we got a wedding invitation.

We went to a lovely wedding.

Since it was a couple hours away, I decided to book a hotel. The first one to pop up in our budget, happened to be at Little Cove Marina...sign #1

The next morning- I said, well ...let's just walk down there and look at some boats. So, we did. We noticed one with a for sale sign on it that was the correct size, was in great shape, and we decided to call the broker. I asked Robert for the phone number to dial, and, he had the funniest look on his face!

Sign #2-The vessel was for sale by Whiteaker Yacht Sales.

OK- they spell Whitaker the old fashioned way, but still, what are the odds?

We look up the listing online, and the boat in question is WAY outside our budget, but, the broker says..she has a couple that just may work for us.

We went back the next weekend. We looked at the first vessel, which did not tickle our fancy. That's ok; we know we will look at dozens of boats before finding one.

The second boat is a 36 foot Erikson ..this is the one I expected not to like. The broker Nancy Ballard had told me on the phone that the interior had been gutted and rebuilt haphazardly by a couple of college kids getting ready for the Bahamas.  As soon as I saw it, my heart started beating really fast. Even the plywood cabinetry and seating inside did not deter my interest. In fact, it peaked it...

I kept glancing over at Robert to see if I could guage his emotions. I can feel the electricity jumping between us. Nancy showed us all the features the boat was equipped with. She started the engine for us and listed off all the extras the young owners HAD invested in. All the reading and studying we had done told us that the expensive parts had been done. It needs some love. Love, we have. She doesn't even have to show us the bag of new sails to sell it. (but she does)

We say yes. The second boat. THE SECOND BOAT! This is crazy..and we know we haven't saved enough money yet.

The next morning, I remember I have access to part of my 401k funds and I ask how much? Exactly what we need! Sign #3

I borrow it from myself, and we move forward. Setting up the Survey and the Haul-out.

We feel like the wind is already taking hold, pushing us forward, while the ocean calls our names. Where will it all lead? A lot of that depends on how dedicated and determined we are to change our lives...

* As a sidenote, there has been a lot of questions and speculation from our respective co-workers. Let's set something straight- this year, at least, this will be our weekend and vacation getaway. We have a lot of sailing practise, and a lot of financial building, to do before we head for an extended ocean voyage. We both have jobs we appreciate and thrive at, and no plans are made for any departure that will change that...yet.

So just relax, and enjoy the search for St. Somewhere...we know we will....The journey IS the adventure..