Feb. 13, 2017

Simplicity is an acquired taste. Mankind, left free, instinctively complicates life. Katherine F. Ge

Robert says my last few blog posts lacked heart- It's true, that in trying to explain the nuts and bolts of finding and purchasing a sailboat, and trying to do so in a way that might help others following this path, the material may have gotten a bit dry for those who would not be helped or educated by the information. Boring, you might say ..

So what I didn't say, and what didn't shine through, is the why - which is a deeper question than how or when.

Why, when Robert started watching sailing Vlogs and why, when he told his wife about it..why, for us, it wasn't just a conversation about what we might do someday and why, within a few weeks........... things began happening. 

Because I was waiting for it- 

Waiting for it and looking for it and...needing it.

And I don't really know how anyone else feels, for it is a rare thing to see what another person really feels, even a spouse. So I cannot speak for anyone but myself  with any degree of certainly, but I do know...I was waiting for it.

Robert had come up with other ideas. Moving to a foreign country as Ex Pats was one. 

I looked at the blogs and emails and webpages on that idea. It all came down to a few big "NO's"-

I have enough life experience to know that, in order to make that work for me, somebody was going to have to come up with a HUGE travel budget if we were living in some tropical place, because there are people in the US I still would have to see. So all that talk about how cheap it was to live here or there just didn't ever ring true for me- because SOMEBODY was going to spend an awful lot of time in airplanes. And since we would be the retired ones and the ones with passports and visas and all that stuff- I guess, it would be us. I even checked out a few air fares. And this is where it all fell apart...Yes, we would need a lot of money to go live "cheap"....So I smiled and nodded and did ...nothing. Nadda....... Not happening.

So when the idea of living aboard a sailboat and cruising came up, I started through the same thinking processes.  After thinking about it this way and that way and weighing and forecasting, I knew, this was the next adventure.

Well, this home can go anywhere! Anywhere there is a body of water deep enough to hold her. And this is something to learn together, and this is different, and exciting and this ...well.... this is what I was waiting for. I always wanted, and said, all I ever wanted, was a little house by the sea. Well.... go one better, a little house ON the sea...and yes, just writing this makes my heart go thump thump thump!

Because this can be for a year- or two years - or ten. Or for always. This can get me close enough to visit all my kids and family and grandkids at some point in our travels- or get them to me without spending a fortune-we don't have to sell our land home until we are sure -because we can rent our land home- and that gives us income, and security.  Because we aren't the rich kind of sailboat owners -we are the blue collar kind. And yes, there is such a thing!   And we can do the tropics but we can also safely wait out the hurricane season close to the people I love- we can hit Texas and we can park in Washington or Oregon.

So I shake it and poke it and lay awake at night pondering it, and then I give myself permission to dream..  

And then I give myself permission to do.

And that's when- the boat show happened and we signed up for sailing lessons

And the wedding happened and we found our boat!

And this weekend, when we sailed her alone for the first time, and not wthout mishaps(next blog)

Magic happened. 

As we scooted across the beautiful blue, I thought, "I am home".

"Fairy Tales can come true, It can happen to you, if You're young at heart"

Thank you, husband, for not getting discouraged when I said "no" to a mud hut in Bora Bora, and for hanging in there, and for believing in Neverland, and for not being afraid.


Let's go!