Feb. 14, 2017

Saturday, February 11, 2017

So we finally have good weather and we finally get on the water..we go through our precheck like we learned in ASA 101...check the engine, check the safety items, check the paperwork...

And we start to untie!

We get a little help and guidance from the dock from one of our neighbors. It's kind of a big deal, apparently, for anyone to actually LEAVE the marina.....something we didn't realize.... but Regatta Pointe Marina is a big live-aboard community, and so- people are living on their boats more than they are sailing, or motoring , or anything having to do with water except floating. So when a boat actually moves- it attracts attention. Gladly, we accept help with the lines and get a good pep talk and some atta boys,and some instructions about the channel, but....

Guess what we didn't check?

The tide chart!!  Rookie mistake #1- when you draft 6 feet, you have to pay attention to the tide chart.

So after we got towed off of the bottom ONCE......

We are sooo excited and so happy and so damn inexperienced, that even after I keep reminding the HELMSMAN (Robert) - In a Chuck- like voice, (Chuck Points, our sailing instructor) "You have one job, you have to keep the boat on course- you gotta let me handle the sails -"

Rookie mistake #2- figure out how everything works before hitting the water and figure out how you are going to communicate- (Robert kept yelling stuff like- THIS ONE! WHERE I AM POINTING!) But the good part was, we sat down, we talked about it, and we made a couple corrections. And then - we moved on. 

Then after the second time we got rescued off the bottom, we realized...tide going out, very narrow channel, not very well marked, equals- issues....

But sail we did , and while we only unfurled the jib, we still got up to a respectible 5.7 knots, and the engine was off and silent, and we felt like king and queen for an hour or so,

And I want to do it again- and no went overboard.

And my husband did an exquisite job putting her back in the slip- like, perfection times 2! (thereby completely negating the times we ran aground) And when we told the story to our Marina neighbors, everyone nodded and said, "this happens to everyone.."

And while we do not know the names of the people that rescued us- thank you, to the tow boat driver and the one legged diver- thank you, so much! We will certainly pay it forward. After all... it's maritime rules that you must help a fellow boat in distress, unless it puts you or your vessel in harms way...

So, let's call it a success

Let's call it love- 

Happy Valentines Day !