Feb. 22, 2017

Every Journey begins with one step

I wonder what would happen if every poor soul stuck in a cubicle looking out the window and daydreaming about the ocean just GOT UP, and walked out, and sailed away....

Of course, this will never happen, so corporate America can just keep chugging away with no fears.

A lot of us are dreaming about it- and if it's not the sea calling, it's the mountains, or the forests, or the open road, or just our books and gardens and canvasses and whatever we REALLY want to be doing

Other than what we do.

You have to beware of the "Someday" trap. Someday is not guaranteed. We all have expirations stamped in invisible ink somewhere upon our fragile and mortal bodies.

And sure we have mortgages, and car payments, and bills  and obligations and deadlines and houseloads of "stuff" to attend to and take care of and pay for... but do we need them? do we really need them?

It's something to think about- think seriously about.  What do we need? What do we REALLY need?

And if you can't ditch it all, and of course you can't...can you? At least think about what gives you joy and make sure a portion of EVERY day is pointed in the pursuit of that. And maybe try getting RID of one item you do not need- every day....and see what happens. 

Because, "someday" may never come.  Do it today.

Grow whiskers, and be rumpled.

Tell your heels goodbye.

Climb a hill, then a mountain, put some paint on the canvas, plant something, learn to dance, or play the tuba, or whatever stirs your soul.

You know what it is. Do it today.