Making all 36 Feet count

Mar. 14, 2017

"If you live a life of make-believe, your life isn't worth anything until you do something that does challenge your reality. And to me, sailing the open ocean is a real challenge, because it's life or death."
Morgan Freeman"

Mar. 13, 2017
Mar. 13, 2017

Figuring things out....a lot of things are still a mystery.

Why does the "stove" switch turn on the fans?

Why won't the outlets work unless we are plugged into the land power source?

What is UP with the Raymarine wind indicator?

What's up with that SMELL?

We discuss solutions, what to build for storage, how big of a table do we want, options for the helmsman's perch...dinghy solutions, repair the existing one?, how and where to store it, where to dispose of the frozen outboard....maybe replace with electric. .....maybe....what if.....will this work....

Our vessel was gutted by the previous, previous owners, then purchased by a couple of college roomates. They equipped her well enough to make it to the Bahamas and back. .....sometimes we are not sure how. But they did ...and that helps us rest easy.

Outside, she doesn't look her age. Inside, she has all the signs that college kids built her interior. A lot of thought and money was put into...speakers. Not so much functionality. Robert and I spend a lot of time looking at pintarest and youtubes trying to figure out to make her functional, good looking, and travel worthy without spending a fortune.

The part that causes me the most angst is the "Head"....its too small, and it does not smell good. I show Robert a post from a boat owner who just removed the tiny sink. It serves not much purpose. We can wash up with the hand held shower just as well, and make a bit of room. Robert discusses options for showering on the deck.  We are considering everything,tossing around ideas ... keeping some on file, and discarding others.

We remove the privacy door to the V Berth. We will see how good of an idea that was. But it opens it up tremendously. I order a table and receive an email promptly saying its no longer available. grr. back to the drawing board.

So we talk, and make notes, and plan, and we sail in between all that. We have logged 28 hours of sailing. Thwarted several times by weather, tides, and other obligations.

But we are DOING IT.

The sailing, itself, improves with every outing. We communicate clearly, we adjust the sails to play the wind. When Robert scraped the ground this time, two things happened...he wiggled out of it, and I stayed calm. What a far cry from the "oops" day we had to be pulled off the bottom!

Sunday one of our dock neighbors saw me loading the cart to take things out to the truck...."Goin home?",she asked......nope...."This is home"-I'm just going back to my land locked day job".

For now, people, for now.