May. 8, 2017

Part Two

I have a recurring nightmare- It involves a highway and a rolling car and screeching steel and burning hair and flesh.

I've had this nightmare since I was just old enough to drive a car and it leaves me alone sometimes for weeks, only to return with the slightest scare on a road or the news that someone I know has been hurt in an auto accident.

So I'm not afraid of the Sea. I'm not afraid of anything in the ocean, on the ocean, above the ocean... so when people ask me if I'm afraid of sinking or drowning or getting lost at sea or being eaten by a giant squid or whale, well, no,  I am just not.

I'm more afraid of the two hour drive each way on I-75

But I won't say, when we knew we were not going to make it to the Marina before dark, that I was not nervous -I was very very nervous-

A million things went through my head, but  my husband was very calm, and kept repeating, "we will be fine."

The first discovery was, the markers to the marina are not lighted.

Our second discovery was, boats are still coming in and out of there after dark.

Our third discovery was, our dock neighbors are looking out for us.

Because, as we backed into the slip another calm voice  came out of the dark, our slip neighbor..calmly, methodically, helping us through the process of tying up in the dark. 

And, in the dark,  Robert did his best parking job ever-!

We know that won't always be the case- but we are so grateful he was there and my nerves evaporated as soon as I heard his calm voice saying- "you guys are doing great".(Thanks again, Nav) 

Calm goes a long way.

And we lived to sail again, another huge hurdle out of the way in our pathway to becoming competent and confident sailors. 

We're doing it!!!