Coexisting on a Sailboat

You have to be a really strong couple to make this work.

A team. 

There needs to be a lot of inner strength, and inner peace, within you both. After all, it's why we are drawn to sailing...the peace. Peace cannot exist within turmoil. 

First of all, you are trying to live together in a tiny space. With an engine in the living room.

And let's face it, it's a bit harder for the ladies. Because a guy secretly always wanted an engine in the living room.

It seems to me that the top 5 things needed for a couple to be succesful at sailing and living aboard are:


Mutual Respect



And a lot of Love.

Love for each other, love for the boat,

Love of the sea.

I'd have to honestly say, if you are missing any of these things, you should not move on a little tiny boat together, and think somehow you are going to find them.

Because what you WILL find, is that every flaw in yourself, and your relationship, will go off like the flares in your safety bag.

If you have 4 out of 5, but you have the last one, well, work on the weak part, but don't head off on a big ocean crossing without feeling strongly confident about all 5. 

Your life may depend on it. But certainly, your sanity will.

It's important to say thank you. 

Any task accomplished on a sailing vessel is 5 times harder than on dry land. 

It's important to clean up after yourself. Diligently.

It's important to smile. You're happy, dammit!

It's really important not to lose sight of why you are doing this. Go sailing.

Bite your tongue. If you feel angry, get fresh air out on the deck, and remember how much was sacrificed to get here. Remember how lucky you are to have that one in a million partner that was crazy enough to do this with you. The love of your life may be getting on your last nerve, but they are still the love of your life. Plus, they have the 2 am watch.

There can only be one captain. It may not be the same one every time out, but you must establish who is captain before untying the lines.

At some point in time, your ability or inability to work as a finely tuned team will make or break you. 

So love each other, but also like each other.  A lot. If you don't, maybe take up archery or get a llama. 


"It's surprising how quickly a good and favorable wind can sweep away the maddening frustrations of shore living."