Nov. 10, 2017

While we wait, we dream..

Time waits for no man.

There seems to be a Real life and a Dream life going on-

We get up- we go to work, we do our jobs and we wait for the weekends. We are both more motivated than ever to hustle and work hard and get every dollar in our bank we can. 

I can't honestly say that, sitting at my desk, I do not find myself daydreaming about sailing. Although my job is very fast paced and intense, If a quiet moment comes, my mind is not on dinner, shopping, or what is on TV always slips away to the ocean. Silently gliding through the sea, the only sounds the splashing  of the water against the hull, a little ripple of the sails, and an occasional bird. My Daydream mind never adds power boats, or our own diesel engine, to this imaginary trip. It is always a perfect sunny day with the sails full of air and a warm breeze against my skin. 

This time next year, if all goes right I will not be getting up by alarm to battle the traffic and 15 red lights to get to an office- thats the dream part.

Some days it seems more real than others. 

On the weekends it seems possible.

Around Monday it seems improbable.

Lately we have been doing a lot of waiting. Waiting for the boat to be repaired. Waiting for the hurricane to pass. Waiting to reinstall the sails.Waiting for wind, waiting for tides, waiting for wind to die down. Waiting for it to stop raining.

Way more waiting than sailing. 

We have spent the time fixing, ordering things we need, talking about where we will go and when and formulating a very loose plan. Soon the plan will have to tighten up. Soon very concrete steps will have to be taken....solid steps taken towards freedom.

The head is nearly refurbished and we have made some decisons on finishes for the other areas.

We found the elusive diesel smell- it was the foam mattress in the aft berth(the one next to the engine compartment) Once removed and replaced we breathed a sigh of relief, literally! After all the cleaning and looking and losing the battle of the smell- I found out it was right under our noses all along.  

We have a renter for our house and a buyer for my car. When we are ready.

Things are happening- and moving in the right direction- slowly but surely,

It can't happen fast enough, yet, we move in seemingly slow motion waiting for all the stars to align.

I find myself losing patience.

Waiting, Dreaming, planning.

NeverLand gives us hope. Only Heaven can give us patience. 


Nov. 10, 2017

"“We are often too late with our brilliance. We are on time delay. The only instant gratification comes in the form of potato chips. The rest will find us by surprise somewhere down the road maybe as we sleep and dream of other things.”
— Richard Schiff"