May. 5, 2018

So, where's the head?

We all do it. We do it all our lives. It's called "The safety crack".

We leave the door to our bedrooms open a crack for light. 

In a hotel, we leave the bathroom door open a crack so we can find it in the middle of the night.

It's ok to have a safety crack. 

A way to get back, in case this doesn't work out.

We rent our house.

We try like hell not to burn bridges with our employers.

You know..just in case.

But we kind of feel guilty. Like...are we really all in? What kind of chicken shit half assed pansy are we if we have to have a safety crack?

It's ok. 

It's called being a grownup. 

Contingency plans mean you acknowledge that life sometimes  gives you lemons..hell, that's part of why we are bucking all odds to live our dreams.. because we know you have to grab life by the horns... before it grabs you by the tail.

So, we set sail, on our big adventure, guns blazing, hearts pounding.. 

With a nice illuminated path to the potty.

Good night, all.