The desire to build a house is the tired wish of a man content thenceforward with a single anchorage. The desire to build a boat is the desire of youth, unwilling yet to accept the idea of a final resting place. – Arthur Ransome

We are still tied to Land.

We have slowly started to untie the knots. 

Finances, of course, neccesitate that we plow on. I remember in grade school looking longingly out the windows at the sunshine and the birds flying and willing myself to somehow escape and get outside. 

I don't have any windows near my cubicle. But I can still hear the sea calling. I can almost smell the salt air. From 140 miles away.

The days are now less than 100 until we move aboard Neverland permanently- a bit more than 100 until we untie ALL the knots - and GO!

We have made some alterations to our original plans as far as route, and we are shaping our voyage loosely, but we try to avoid the word PLAN, and, for sure, we are avoiding the word SCHEDULE. If we have learned anything, it's that even if we were inclined to make a schedule (ick!) the wind and tides will alter it anyway. 

A lot of things are checked off my ever growing lists. But far more still remain to be done.

The house is rented to a reliable friend

The boat is renamed

My car is sold

I've given my job my official retirement date  

We have passports

Getting ready for a HUGE Yard sale 

I feel like I'm juggling and I feel like I'm drowning and I feel impatient. When people don't co operate with me and cause delays in  my checking items off the lists, I am quick to anger. I am tired of having other people dictate my choices- anxious to have my destiny be in my own hands.

I have been hit with an onslaught of emotions- fear, excitement, remorse, excitement, nervousness, excitement...excitement, excitement, excitement.

There is an ongoing conversation going on in my brain, listing things, wondering things, worrying about things, changing my mind about things, adding things, subtracting things...

Yes, I am hearing voices.

Time is going fast and slow at the same time- 

My nerves are shot. But it's slowly getting done...

It's Happening.