8 Days to Saint Marks part 1

July 9, 2018


I'm sitting in the Breezway at Shields Marina, while our laundry agitates.

Agitation. Now, there's something I don't miss. 

We pulled in the night before, after several nights at  anchor traveling around Florida's Big Bend. Tired, hungry, wind and sun chafed. At the end of our bottled water and ice supply, and in need of clean laundry and hot showers.

The marina here is no frills, but they waited for us when we came in late, limping a little due to some sea grass clogging the raw water intake. Coming in the mouth of the Saint Marks River, we were escorted by a couple dolphin, as if they were saying, "Come on, you'll like it!"

And we do like it. It's old Florida, real Southern. I feel immediately alien, and right at home at the same time. 

After we got in the slip, at low tide and dragging bottom, we could not reach to plug in the electric,

and our bodies are demanding food. We head for the restaurant across the street, meanwhile googling for a place to stay. The marina charges 1.00 a foot here, and that's what you get. The finger piers are concrete and go out to a narrow point. At low tide, you better have trained with the flying Wallendas and have the balance of a mountain lion.

We have neither, so we opt for a real bed, having spent practically zero money over the past week..

We have a wonderful dinner at the Riverside Cafe, and walk down the street to the Sweet Magnolia Inn, a quaint bed and breakfast a quarter mile away. A sleepy eyed man finally answers the door and let's us in. He didn't get the memo, since I booked on Priceline, but he is a host at heart, supplies us with ice, gives me a large glass of white sangria and a snack tray, and we are in civilization!

Our room has a flamingos theme. It's adorable, and the Sangria is consumed in about three big gulps.

Hot showers. Real beds. 

It's funny how we do not appreciate these basic comforts unless we do without them. NeverLand is cozy, but she is certainly a no frills vessel. 

We sleep well, and wander down to breakfast. I have my first coffee in days, and it tastes so delicious. I haven't wanted to heat the boat up from making coffee, and I missed it, a lot!!

One other couple is at breakfast, and we exchange small talk. The woman exclaims, "Oh!!You're the ones that came in on the Sailboat.!!"

We are famous, this week, in St  Marks, Florida. 

Our breakfast is delicious, and we decide to stay over so we can get our laundry, 

and some shopping done.

Which leads me back to sitting in the breezeway, not being agitated, and thinking about the 8 days it took to get here.

Stay tuned for part 2!


"Go fast enough to get there, but slow enough to see" -Jimmy Buffett