"Come with me, where dreams are born and time is never planned.”

6 days till Splash day. 

People keep asking where we are going. 

Ah...good question.

Our plan is very loose. We will be watching the weather very closely and adjusting as needed.

We will spend the first two or three days in the local coastal area.  Practising with the dinghy, beachcombing, fishing, or whatever we want to do. 

Our goal is to get to Kemah, Texas for an extended stay. But, it's hurricane season, and we are well aware, and ever watchful. We know that plan may be scratched completely at any moment.

So, we have a loose plan that can be changed at any time to a different plan.

Safety is number one. 

Adventure is number two.

Budget is number three.

So when we leave here on June 30th, we will be traveling a whopping 4 hours. And then we are going to anchor, and for once just stay or move or do whatever the heck we want.

Because we wont be rushing back to try to get to work.

I am still pinching myself. My body still wakes up every morning with an internal alarm clock. Get up! Time to go to work! Somehow, my brain did not get the memo.

And while there is still a lot of work to be done, there is no certain timeframe to do it in other than, 

Be ready Saturday. As ready as we will ever be.

Lots of lists, lots of packages coming in. Voluntary Coast Guard Safety check. (Zero issues)

I do not feel nervous! I trust this boat. And I trust my captain. COMPLETELY.

They say a person developes their basic personality by the age of three. 

By the age of three I had already made an ocean voyage from Japan.

Is this when wanderlust was hardwired into my brain? Or was I a sea captain in another life?

Or a seabird, or a dolphin? Or, maybe all three.

The ocean calls. 

One must reply.