The Journey

So I'm sitting in the breezeway in Saint Marks Florida. Thinking about how we got here. A cool breeze is blowing through off the water. Its the only releif from the heat.

A young boy, about 8 or 9, comes around the corner on a small motorbike, wearing a mischievous grin. I smile, and he gives me a thumbs up, and heads off around the other corner.

A couple minutes later, a man comes out of the marina shop and asks if I saw a boy on a bike. Yup. I point around the corner. 

He thanks me, and says, "You must be here on NeverLand."

St Marks would not be a good place to try to be incognito. 

He tells me he is the bar manager at the Riverside Grill, where we had eaten dinner the night before, and which still holds the number 1 spot on my fried shrimp -off,and he urges me to come over and try a frozen rum runner, their specialty. Then he is off to find the boy.

I put the laundry in the dryer and go back to thinking about the trip.

Palmetto Florida to Saint Marks is 268 miles by car, and according to Google maps, can be driven in 4 hours 38 minutes.

By sailboat along the Gulf coast, at an average speed of 5 nautical knots per hour, stopping every evening before dark, it took, 8 days.

I like our way better!



8 Days to St Marks Part 2