Progress Report

Saturday, August 4, 2018

We cast off 34 Days ago. We have made a trek through Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, and now, Louisiana's Gulf Coast.

There have been highs, and there have been lows.

So far, the highs FAR outweigh the lows.

I have eaten a LOT of shrimp.(stay tuned for the results of my "shrimp off")

Both of us have lost weight.

Both of us have gained strength: individual strength as well as team strength. Physical strength as well as mental strength.

I am 59 years old. I have sat in a cubicle far too long. I am 5 foot 2, and I have a crooked right arm from falling off a truck and a messed up left shoulder from a bout with "frozen shoulder" last year. 

But this afternoon, Robert handed a 40 bottle pack of water down the ladder from the companionway to me, and I didn't say "I can't" fact, I don't say, I can't ....until I have tried. And, I know what a companionway is.

Are some things beyond my physical capabilities? Of course. I'm not big. And I'm not young. But I won't be defeated mentally before I'm defeated physically.

Robert and I continue to work on our communication. Our teamwork. This is a tight space for two people and for days we are the only company we have. So we continue to work on our patience.

I've had three meltdowns. We have both lost our tempers a few times. 

But you just have to look back and say, what can I do better next time?, and look forward and be grateful and humbled by this opportunity we have that so many dream of.

And make the best of things when they are not perfect. 

I used the first aide kit first.

I chipped a tooth.

Robert broke his toe again.

I got seasick.

NeverLand's rub rail is cracked all over the place from bumping stuff.

We are appreciative of things we completely took for granted before. Hot showers, fast food, real beds. Oreos. Actually sailing with no motor.

Notes and calls from our friends and family really help keep us going. When we have internet...and we haven't had it much the last week!

Overall, I am so proud of us! I look at our journey and I am awe stricken ...! We are DOING IT! My husband amazes me and calms me, stands by while I rant or cry or curse, saying, "it will all be ok."..and it truly is ...He is living up to the title, " Dred Pirate Robert". Arrr...

We leave Houma,La. (Pronounced HOME-AH) tomorrow morning rested, fed, and ready for...the next 34 days.



More resilent..

Wonder if there are dolphins in that Bayou?



T.S. Eliot

The journey not the arrival matters.

T.S. Eliot