Any day aboard NeverLand:

Honey, could you hand me a ziptie?

Ugh. Sure.

Grunt, groan, dismantle starboard settee, scrounge around, find zip tie.

Hand off ziptie. 

Do you need anything else?

Maybe the stapler..

Sure ....

It's under the port settee, where I just piled all the parts from the starboard settee.

Reassemble starboard settee. Remove items from port settee...

Scrounge around for the stapler.

Can't find it.

I think it might be in that red toolbag.

The one that's under the V berth????

How about a hammer? 

Grrr. I cant get to the hammer because the contents of the port settee and the V berth are now piled on the sole in front of the companionway.

You might as well find the drill while you are down there. It's under the bag with the hammer.

Ok....piling everything back into the V berth to get through to the tools.

What are you doing up there?

Hanging up that cupholder you wanted!


A couple minutes pass.

Quieter voice from above...

I cut my finger ...can I have a bandaide?

The ones behind all the stuff that's now piled on the V berth?


Pile everything in the galley floor and hand up bandaide and antibiotic ointment.....

At this point, bedding from both settees and the V berth are piled in front of the stove and every cabinet and cupboard is standing open.

What's for lunch?


Nice cupholder.