February 9, 2019

Yucatan, MX

The wind has been howling for the last two days out of the east. It whistles all around the doors and windows, sometimes resembling the sound of an animal in pain.

This is a sound I do not like. At least this house is solid and doesn't get tossed around like our last one. We are safe.

We have spent the last month exploring the Yucatan. We are awed by the ruins and the cenotes, and warmed by the sun and the people.

I have debated whether to begin a new blog entirely, or keep going on this one.I have decided to stay here on Searching for St. Somewhere, rather than begin again and have to wait for the audience to "find me".

For now, San Benito Beach, MX is Saint Somewhere. This is where fate landed us, and we would like to share our travels and discoveries with you.

From a lagoon full of Flamingoes to ancient Mayan ruins to Colonial architecture to new food adventures, we are enjoying it all, and we invite you to come along.

When we are not out exploring, I am spending quiet time working on my books, and the good news is next week they will be launched on Patreon.

I have poured my heart and soul into writing since arriving here in the El Norte December 23rd of last year. I'm so excited to share our sailing Memoir, as well as a work of fiction with everyone.  Once they are finished, I will self publish on Amazon. But you get it first, and you get the chance to help shape the novel and have it dedicated to you!

We miss our boat, and we have no idea where we are going from here. Right now we are just taking one day at a time, and living it to the fullest.

There are no bad days at the beach.