Why I Chose Patreon

San Benito Beach, Yucatan,  Mexico

A Storm of Storms

Those of you that have been following the story of NeverLand know that in December of last year we hit a big storm crossing from South Padre Island, Tx headed for Isla Mujeres, MX. This was a long-anticipated trip, and our first major crossing, and we were very excited!

We never made it to Isla Mujeres, and I left the blog readers with a cliff hanger blog post that left us anchored off the coast of Mexico somewhere waiting to be rescued. If you follow us on Facebook you know that the storm we went through damaged our boat, and then when it took us 7 days to get it back after we were removed by the Mexican Navy, it was stripped of everything that wasn't nailed down by vandals. It was a sad day in our lives when we decided to sell her.

I did not give a lot of facts but promised to write a book about it, which I have been going through the process of doing for the last almost two months now.

I had already planned to earn an income with writing before all of this happened, so I guess the storm at least made for an interesting tale for the book I wanted to write.

We are still in Mexico and will probably remain here for about 45 more days. It has been quite an adjustment trying to live with a no plan-plan and figure out where we are going from here.

Again, I won´t tell you, but all will be revealed in the book.

A Second Book is Born.

Then, while writing and submitting my work to editors, I started to write a short story about a quilt.

This idea came from an actual quilt I'm going to have made up of the Tshirts I have collected through our travels, and a dream I had about it.

The story took off from there and became much too large for the short story I was going to submit it as. And so, that is now my fictional book in process, "Sixteen Places"

Why I Chose Patreon

I decided to present the two books, and hopefully subsequent books, chapter by chapter on Patreon. For those of you unfamiliar with Patreon, it is an Artist's forum. It connects Patrons who want to support artists work that they like by becoming members of their community.

Yes, there is a small fee, entirely chosen by the Patron, to be part of the artist's process and support them. A Patron can stop it at any time, or raise or lower their monetary contribution. It is very easy to navigate and the Patron is in control. It is completely secure. Millions have dollars have been processed through Patreon securely and privately.

In my case, I chose this way to present my work because my readers can have something to read every week instead of waiting for the finished book, which I believe will probably take the better part of a year to complete, edit, and self publish. It will also help me keep on task, and make it financially possible to concentrate on the books,

Even if you don't wish to support me in this way, I encourage you to check out Patreon and find something you connect with. Art is a very important part of the world around us, and what makes it beautiful.

Keep in mind, every Patron will be able to help with the decision making process in completing the books, will have them way before anyone else does, and will receive a free copy of the completed books digitally when published on Amazon, with your name on the dedication page.

You will also get special content at some levels, including a Patron only FB group, and my Patron only travel-blog. You will also get my poetry page and many exclusive photos like the Newspaper article from the Mexican newspaper.

We will also be auctioning off a few souvenirs to our Patrons only. Stay tuned, every Sunday I will download more chapters, and special content and Patrons will have a chance to participate in the creative process start to finish!

If you do not want to participate as a Patron, no worries! The books will come out on Amazon towards the end of the year when all the chapters are finished.

Either way, as always, I love and appreciate all the readers and supporters who have kept me blogging and writing since the story of NeverLand began. 

But I hope you will, and you can start here, at Patreon.com/lostboysmedia