Bacalar, Mexico

Turning 60

Progreso Beach, Yucatan, MX

Yesterday, I woke up, and I was 60.

My first realization was that I am no wiser than I was when I was, say, 59. I do not know at what age you become wise, but this isn't it.

It is mind-boggling how much the world has changed in my lifetime. As kids, we played with cardboard boxes for days. Nothing was a better thing than an appliance box. We made them into forts, and sleds, and Little Red Riding Hood's cottage. Lite Brite was the latest technology. This is no joke, my uncle bought a new-fangled clock one time, you know where the little plastic numbers flip down and change the time, and we four kids were entertained for hours!

Now, five-year-olds have ipads. They want to be constantly entertained by videos and online games. We used to throw crab apples at each other. How can Super Mario top that?

Remember Pong?

I have learned a lot of things the hard way. And sometimes, especially when it comes to trying to believe that people are basically good, I haven't learned, at all.   If that's my worst fault, I can accept that.

The best thing about getting older is not caring so much what other people think. I only care what people I respect think, and the list of those people is tee- niney. Maybe, when I'm seventy, I won't care what anyone thinks at all. 

The worst thing about getting older is ...oh wait...there's no downside.

I know who I am. 

Looking back over the last 60 years, I have some regrets and I'd take a do-over in a couple of cases, but mostly, I really do believe that all things happen for a reason. If you unravel the thread in the sweater that is my life, it is all connected in a beautiful, crazy, psychedelic pattern. 

If I could give anyone advice it would be simple;

Turn off that television. You're missing it. Garbage in, garbage out. 

Always see the word LOVE as a verb, not a noun. That's right, read that one again.

Never miss an opportunity to tell a person you love how you feel, never take your health for granted, watch a sunset or sunrise as often as possible. Kindness in search of a reward is just a search for a reward. Everything marvelous and magical is right outside your comfort zone. Every material possession you own is a bar on a cage. Save one dollar a day somewhere. Sing out loud and laugh riotously whenever possible. If you have a chance to make a positive impact on a younger person, remember on whom the future of the world depends.

Contentment is overrated. Dust and mold grow on stationery items. 

As I turn the page on another chapter and embrace being a 60 something female in America, I feel zero old age stigma.  I have a few wrinkles more and my midsection is a little plumper. So what?  I have a lot more interesting stories to tell than my younger counterparts, and I come with less drama. Notice I did not say "no drama". I'm still a girl.

What's next for this mermaid? I have two books to finish, a business to open, a ukelele to learn to play, and another winter in Mexico to look forward to. There is also definitely another sailboat in the future.

Oh, and I'm still brushing up on my Spanish.

Here's to being sixty and loving it.