Our Favorite Places ...Langlois, Oregon

Cheese Factory

Langlois, Oregon should have a dirt road running through it.

Instead, Oregon Highway 101 winds its way through this sleepy little town, population 177, nestled among the trees between Bandon and Port Orford.

If you blink, you will miss it. So don't blink!

Slow your roll. Remember, it's about the journey.

Like so many places, we found Langlois by accident. Some googling. A wing and a prayer. I found our lodging on Airbnb again, a charming little apartment in a building called Piercy Suites.

We arrive on a Friday afternoon.  Our hostess, Sue, welcomed us warmly and gave us the low down on what to do in town as we settled in to stay for a couple of months. The apartment had that quaint vibe that I like, was spotless and well equipped, and just the right size for two.

In the days that followed we began to fall in love with Langlois. Late summer in Oregon is when you can enjoy all of its beauty without dealing with constant rain showers. It is the best time to be in the Northwest United States, in my opinion. The weather is perfect and the days are long. Perhaps because it spends so much time in hiding, the sun shines brighter here. I never needed sunglasses as much as I do in late summer in the Pacific Northwest.

So we don our Ray-Bans and wander around "World Famous" Langlois. We hike down to Flora's Lake to watch the windsurfers, perch on the porch of "The Spoon" (formerly The Greasy Spoon) and chow down on grass-fed beef burgers and hand-cut fries,  stay to watch live music, and pop in the Langlois Market for ice cream or a world-famous (made in house) hotdog. We shop for hand blown glass and kitschy folk art, fresh ground coffee, and homemade jam.

And some days we do nothing. Nothing at all. And that's ok.

Most nights, a fabulous sunset ends our day relaxing on the deck while we grill up something fresh from the Langlois market. 

Sometimes, we take a day trip to Coos Bay,  wander the shops, and enjoy Fish and Chips at ¨The Boat¨.

On weekends, we go to The Spoon and enjoy a wide variety of live music, from folk to country to rock.

At this moment in time, still recovering from the loss of the sailboat and the upending of all of our plans, laid back Langlois is just what the doctor ordered. When we received the phone call from  Kentucky letting us know that Robert's father's health was failing, we packed our bags, sadly leaving Langlois behind for now.

We would try to keep it a secret, except for the fact that, clearly, it is World Famous. 

Just don't blink!

-"Truth be told, John said, the one thing in this world I want more than anything else is a great big crowbar, to jimmy myself open and take whatever creature that's sitting inside and shake it clean like a rug and then rinse it in a cold, clear lake like up in Oregon, and then I want to put it under the sun to let it heal and dry and grow and sit and come to consciousness again with a clear and quiet mind." ~ Douglas Coupland